Payment Terms

To place your order you must add products to shopping cart and press "View Cart".

If you have registered you will need to Log-in; if you do not have an account you will need to register for free.

At this point you can choose the type of desired delivery.

At this stage you also have the ability to enter any comments to the order.

Next, you can choose your payment method:

    ·         Bank Transfer

    ·         PayPal

    ·         Cash On Delivery only for Italy

At this point you just have to confirm the order.

Once you placed the order, you will receive an Email confirmation order please read carefully.

* If you do not receive it, check the folder of "junk mail" or "spam".

For bank transfer we need to:

- Account holder

- Bank

- Address

- Account number


- The SWIFT code, also known as ISO 9362 or BIC, is the bank identification code.

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