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There is some advice to maintain the products that you purchase on Toppin Store like new. Like general rule, cleaned your article in skin or cloth with specific products at least each 6 months, to remove the dirty thing so like the gradual accumulation due to the perspiration and the corporeal fats. The skins to the aniline are very absorbing and they can ask for a more assiduous cleaning when they are placed in more frequented rooms. It is about an article in cloth, draw it necessary to carry correctly the cleaning out. The cloth generally absorbs and he can ask also for a more constant cleaning.

      1. Try to place your article in leather or fabric, to a minimum distance of 30 cm from the heat sources: prolonged exposure to                                 heat and/or to the radiators can cause dryness of skin, hardening and its consequent cracking.                                                                        

    2. Avoid placing your article in direct sunlight, near windows or outdoor: All materials are faded but the hides to the aniline are particularly sensitive to sunlight.

   3. Avoid that pets are in direct contact with the fabric or leather: fingernails can ruin the fabric and their saliva is very aggressive, as well as their bodily liquids.

  4. Never use chemicals and/or paints close to your article in leather or fabric: products as enamels, solvent for nails, bleach, glue and detergents for the house should be kept away: all products containing oils and/or solvents may cause irreparable damage to the surface of the skin. If you must use them close to your article cover it thoroughly.

    5. All the skins you keep best when practiced a protective treatment quote. For the skins to the aniline applied a specific cream on the surface of the skin to increase the resistance to stains and prevent dirt in general. Protect with particular attention to the areas most subject to wear as the sessions, the seatbacks and the armrests.

   6. Sprinkle your article in the skin as any object in your home. Moisten a soft cloth and spolveratelo weekly: also used the soft            brush supplied with your vacuum cleaner. On the skin the dust particles can be removed completely and with ease, because dust cannot penetrate, and this characteristic makes it a particularly suitable material for people who are allergic.


If the package arrives damaged and is not signed the transport document "signature with reservation" Toppin Store WILL NOT be able to replace the product, but will provide you with spare parts totally free to go to replace damaged part during the journey.

*Expenses for the shipment of spare parts will be charged to the customer.


Assembly service at home that we offer at the moment concerns only Italy, but we are trying to expand our radius.

If the customer is interested to enjoy this service can write to us by email to subsequently purchase.

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