How to Place Order

1. Create a totally free account, click "Join Free".

2. Fill in our format.

3. After recording discover our product range and our offers designed for you!

You can also choose the currency of:  EURO  DOLLARS  POUNDS

4. Example: I choose a armchair that is located in the section PRODUCTS category LOUNGE.

5. Choose as a first option the product color.

6. Then choose the material of the product.

7. Select the desired quantity.

8. Add to cart the product, by clicking the "Add to Cart" box.

9. Immediately after click "Add to Cart" comes out a confirmation screen. 

Warns you that the selected product went into the cart.

Then you have two options:

1) Back to shopping and add more products in the cart.

2) Proceed with the payment and ship the product.

10. If you choose to go back to shopping you can continue your search of products starting from step 3.

Another possibility you can do through the screen of the product is to add to your Wishlist.

11. The product previously selected through "Add Cart" will remain stored in the basket, at the top right.

12. If the mouse passes over the cart appears the products you have previously saved, to get into the shopping cart click on "View Cart".

13. On the main screen of the cart  "Shopping Cart" you can find the product description, unit price, the possibility of increasing the quantity of the selected product and the total spending (the price has to be considered without the shipping charges).

14. After checking that all is well, click on either the "Proceed Checkout" buttons.

15. Got to the point 2 "Checkout" you need to:

1) Select the shipping address, if you have not already done so, or if you want to get the goods to another address other than that saved Click ADD A NEW SHIPPING ADDRESS.

2) Select the service that you want to ship the goods by courier.

16. You have the option of selecting an insurance for your shipment, by flagging the appropriate box.

17. You can check when you get the product by clicking on "when will my order".

18. You can let us know a few precautions to be taken for sending the goods:

Example: Ring the bell at the X name, I live in an area where the road is unpaved and narrow, etc...

19. You can choose the "Payment Method"

If you pay through PayPal or through Western Union Service

Example: In the example below there are 11 € previously flagged for shipment insurance.

20. Finally click "Place Your Order" (here you will see the total price + insurance for shipping select "Do not obligatory but Optional").

21. Here you will find your order confirmation and summary.

22. By clicking on "Buy Now" you will open a small format to be filled in for payment.

23. If you are registered and you go to click on My Account you will exit this screen that will ask for your email and password to get into your account Toppin Store after the data entered click "Sign in".

24. The main screen of your account will be this! Where you'll find:

A) Your summary of all purchases.

B) Your personal information.

C) Your primary address.

D) The ability to change orders, view your Wishlist or the products you have selected as favorites, the ability to edit and add addresses for shipping and billing, and finally the ability to change the email and change your password.

25. In the "My Orders" we can see the details of what we ordered and paid for.

If we click on "details" will open the Invoice summary page.

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